WCSA Involvement

The Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs, OWU’s student governing body, has played a role in sustainability efforts in recent years – to varying degrees depending on the administration in charge.

Senior Lauren Holler, current president, said that sustainability as an issue has had less prominence during her term.

Lauren Holler on WCSA involvement

With a reduced level of student action on green issues, WCSA has shifted focus to other issues but the leadership still tries to keep an eye on environmental concerns.

“It’s always something on the forefront for us, and I think it’s something the university should always be thinking about,” Holler said. “If we’re not thinking about sustainability that might put us in a bad position ten years from now.”

Holler’s term ends this semester, though, and the next administration has taken note of renewed interest in sustainability.

Jerry Lherrison - WCSA green initiativesEmma Drongowski - WCSA's green initiatives



In the pre-election debate, President-elect Jerry Lherrison and Vice President-elect Emma Drongowski listed sustainability as one of their platform pillars. Their opponents, Sergio Orozco and John Wainwright, pledged to increase recycling as part of their campaign as well.

One area of coming WCSA action is to work with Buildings and Grounds to install additional hydration stations on campus; there are five currently and Holler’s “ultimate goal” is to have one in every campus building.

Lherrison expressed a commitment to this expansion of the hydration stations as part of his campaign initiative, and Drongowski mentioned this as a priority too. She would also like to bring back a sustainability coordinator and post-consumer composting, as well as increase recycling.


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