Post-Consumer Compost

The compost program was one of Sean Kinghorn’s top programs, along with May Move Out, and like May Move Out it stopped following his departure. There were several reasons it ended, including safety concerns about students sorting through food waste and the need to convert the Hamilton-Williams garage from a composting area to an athletics facility.

Sound-Schantz on post-consumer composting

“The composting program no longer composts post-consumer materials, because the way we were doing it was not successful,” said junior Ellen Hughes, the remaining student worker from last year who led the students’ compost program after Sean Kinghorn left.

“The way we were doing it was we had to dig through the compost twice a week, and that was a long process.”

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Chartwells still conducts pre-consumer composting, although it is less visible to students. Hughes, other student activists and student government president Lauren Holler didn’t know about this more efficient program.

Tree House and the House of Peace & Justice have started their own post-consumer compost pile behind Tree House to help support the community garden, said Susannah Waxman, the garden’s manager.


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