Solar Power

One project Kinghorn was involved in but didn’t get to start was an effort to set up a two-acre, four-megawatt solar panel array near campus. The project would have been a joint effort between the university and the city, and was one that received strong municipal support, but it was unsuccessful.

He said he thought the program, which involved Cleveland-based company CarbonVision, stalled out after his departure.

“Peter (Schantz) was involved in the talks, and a couple other people from the University (were) but I think the process slowed down after I left,” he said.

In the linked audio clip, Schantz describes how connecting Ohio Wesleyan to the solar array would have required drilling underneath a major roadway, which wasn’t feasible.

Sound-Schantz the plan and the problem with solar

Additionally, several government-sponsored financial incentives that would have helped with the project expired while construction was being studied.

Former chair Shari Stone-Mediatore, who led the sustainability task force during some of the discussions, said that restarting the project would be difficult without Kinghorn.

“Without him there was no one really had the time or the knowledge about those kinds of projects to pursue it,” she said. “And that’s kind of the really sad thing, and it got people demoralized. There’s all these potential projects that could be pursued but we just lost that key force to bring things together.”


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